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Sign changes for Baldwin Street

Baldwin Street residents will be asked for their opinions about changing the street signage from ‘the Steepest Street in the World’ to ‘the World’s Steepest City Street.'

Baldwin St signs in North East Valley
The Dunedin City Council is proposing to change Baldwin Street's signage to the "World's Steepest City Street'.

The steepest street in the world title has been stripped from the North East Valley street after Ffordd Pen Llech, a street in the North Wales town of Harlech was deemed to be steeper. The Welsh rival is not a dual carriageway road but pipped Baldwin St over a 10m section.

Dunedin City Council communication and marketing manager Graham McKerracher says the council has been asked to take down the steepest street in the world signage by the Guiness Book of Records office.

The council wanted to change the signage in a timely manner, but first wanted to make sure people were comfortable with the proposed changes, he says.

Baldwin St residents were being consulted about the proposed signage changes as they are “most affected by the comings and goings” on the street.

A flier was been delivered to residents with this month’s Valley Voice. The Otago Chamber of Commerce and Dunedin Host will also be consulted as representative bodies of tourism operators visiting the street.


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