Our Kaupapa

Our Kaupapa

Our vision​

​​Our vision is a strongly connected, healthy, sustainable community.

We have places, spaces and activities that enable belonging and connectedness. No matter who we are or where we are from, together we have a voice, make action and create hope.

Aroha ki te tangata, Manaaki ki te tangata, Ahakoa ko wai, Ahakoa no hea.

Our Mission

Our mission is to sustain processes which mobilise our community’s strengths and resources in locally-led action to enhance the life of the North East Valley Community - its residents, families/whanau and environment.

Our mission is to inspire and support locally-led action to enhance the life of the North East Valley Community by working with the strengths and resources of our people, families/whanau and environment.

Our Values

Engagement – of community members in deciding and acting on what will enable belonging and connectedness.

Empowerment – of everyone’s confidence, leadership and capability to have a voice, make action, create hope and learn as we go.

Manaakitanga – making welcoming, inclusive connections that enable people to explore shared visions, knowledge and activities.

Collaboration – engaging residents, agencies, business and policy makers to make the most of collective resources and energy for community priorities and for wider influence on our city.

Relationships – nurturing respect, care, whaioranga/holistic wellbeing, pride and vitality in who we are and where we are from.

Responsive – notice, recognise and respond to community strengths, needs and energy. Value our impatience to see things done and our wisdom to see the long-term work needed.