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The Valley Voice is a free community newsletter delivered to ~3600 mailboxes in the north Dunedin suburbs of North East Valley, Opoho, Upper Junction, Normanby, Dalmore, and Pine Hill.

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The Valley Voice is on a 6-week schedule of release as of 6 May, 2023. The deadline for content varies from month to month. See schedule below.  

Our newsletter is big on content but small on size! Please keep your contributions to 400 words or less (a challenge, we know!). Please ensure your copy is proofread and finalised before submitting. Accompanying images, graphics, and logos are always welcomed (and encouraged!). 

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The Valley Voice Editor is the person to talk to if:

  • ​Your local club, group or event needs some publicity.
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  • To update a listing in the Valley Voice community notices.

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