The Valley Project builds community connections and promotes the wellbeing of local families and whanau. We are a community-led development project based here in North East Valley, Dunedin.

Meet our Valley Project team.

Kate Vercoe

Valley Project Manager

"I am delighted to have joined this incredible group of people and hope to support them all to continue in the amazing mahi they do for this diverse and vibrant community."


Clare Cross

Community Engagement Coordinator

"The Valley Project is a place of community and belonging for me. Every day, it is a pleasure to spend time learning about and experiencing the unique and special ecosystems and community surrounding Lindsay Creek."

Krysha Brzuza

Valley Voice Editor & Hub Support

"From the first day I started working for the Valley Project, I knew it would be life changing! I have never worked with a team as fun, compassionate, and proactive as this one! I'm so grateful to be helping the Valley Project make the world a better place. "

KJ Davie

Valley Kai Coordinator

"It's been great working alongside inspiring and diverse folk from our neighbourhood at the Valley Project. It's been awesome building stronger connections and feeling like you are actively making a difference."

Emily Peterson

Trap Library Coordinator & Valley Project Cleaner

"I love working with the Valley Project Team, getting to witness the positive changes that have taken place over the years and connecting with the community through the Valley Project. Being right in the heart of the beautiful NEV, there really is no better place to be. I have had the privilege of being well supported, meeting many wonderful people, taking part in a number of community events, enjoying and caring for the facility and environment with all it's beauties(especially our glorious birds) since 2017 and hope to continue doing so for many years to come."

Liam Dell

Community Development Co-ordinator

I’m eager to meet with you and discuss advocacy and event opportunities or whatever it is that is on your mind! 

Nathan Laurie

Receptionist & Volunteer