Good Sort allsort Award

Celebrating the best of us!

Know someone in the community who is deserving to have the spotlight shone on them and the work they do for our community. Someone who needs to be shouted from the rooftop, or someone that just needs a little thanks for the small things they do. Nothing is too big or small to nominate. Its time to celebrate the best of our community and thank those who do the hard mahi who make this place, the best place to live in Dunedin. 

The Award

Members of the community are welcome to nominate a community member who does good in our community. This can be done by pushing the 'Nominate you Good Sort allsort here!' button. Once your nomination has been sent through you will receive an email letting you know the next steps. Your application is reviewed by a team of 'volunteer superstar judges'. To make their job easier be sure to include as much detail as possible, this makes the job of the judges easier to do. 

What does the Good Sort allsort get? 

  • A certificate thanking them for what they do for the community,
  • A packet of RJ's Licorice allsorts,
  • An interview for the Valley Voice which celebrates what they have done for their community and the great work they do, 
  • Celebration across our social media channels (only if they want),
  • A post on our Valley Blog,
  • Addition to The Valley Projects honor,
  • A high tea in December with other Good Sorts allsorts who are invited to come together and thank them for the work they do (this will become an annual invitation).

Award Criteria 

The criteria for the award is simple, the questions you have to ask yourself are the following;

  • Have they helped someone or created positive change for someone or something in our community, 
  • Volunteer or work in the Valley area which includes Pine Hill, NEV, Opoho, Dalmore, Gardens, and Upper Junction,
  • Have benefited the lives of those living in the Valley area,
  • Is an extraordinary person, 
  • Does not ask for thanks in return! 

If your nomination is successful

You will be informed if your nomination has been successful, however if you want to remain anonymous you will find out by seeing the Valley Voice, with your nominees' interview. This is a pretty unique award as of the following. 

  • Only 11 people chosen a year!
  • Exclusive to the Valley Community!
  • Go into an honor roll for generations to celebrate, 
  • Invite to the annual Good Sort allsort high tea, 



So, what are you waiting for....

Jump onto that nomination form and nominate your 'Good Sort allsort'

Let's celebrate the best of us in our community, right here in the Valley.


We are proud to have The Valley Project as our official sponsor and be supported financially a community member. If you would like to donate to this award, get in contact with