Valley Kai

Valley Kai

Valley Kai's aim has been to increase Food Resilience in the Valley.

A resilient community can withstand the adversity that life throws at it, whether it's a community-wide response to natural disasters or pandemics that disrupt food supplies, or individual household support during financially and emotionally trying times. We all need access to nutritious, fresh, local food to be a resilient community.

We've been thinking about how we can make our entire community's access to this food more secure. How can we make it easier to raise, produce, share, and sell local food?

The following are some of the Valley's continuing local food initiatives:




Community Gardens & Orchards

Join a community garden working bee! Meet friendly locals and be rewarded with some fresh produce and empowering knowledge of how to grow your own food.  


Transition Valley 473 Community Fruit & Nut trees

A decade ago, Transition Valley 473 established the 1000 Fruit & Nut Tree Project, planting many (not yet a thousand) fruit and nut trees in the Valley region, including apples, pears, quince, lots of currants, hazelnut and chestnut trees, to name a few.  Please remember community trees work best with a give-and-take system: take only what your need, and leave some for others.  Also, consider how you can give back to nurture the trees for future years whenever you take from them.  Get a hold of Keri for more information around the 1000 Fruit & Nut Tree Project:


Community Fruit Harvest and Redistribution

We work alongside Our Food Network to coordinate volunteers to harvest surplus fruit in backyards, then redistribute it locally to our community pantries and Kaishare boxes, and made locally into preserves.  If you have surplus fruit or want to volunteer for collection, please contact:


Sharing & Buying Edible Plants & Seed

YouthGrow Garden Centre: Support our amazing local garden centre for seasonal vegetables, herbs, seeds, fruit trees, plus awesome gardening advice.

Otepoti Urban Organics: Support our local seed-saving initiative Otepoti Symbiosis Seed Exchange to buy local seed, or get in touch to adopt-a-crop for seed-saving.  See or get in touch

Help host a seed/plant swap: This year Valley Kai hosted the very successful Spring Plant Swap and an Autumn Seed Saving Workshop & Swap. Keep an eye on our Facebook for future events. We would appreciate any help to organise another.

Grow your own edible Fungi: We have our own edible fungi expert in the Valley! See Bart Acres' website and Facebook page for more info and workshops.


Information & Workshops

Click either of these resources for a Dunedin-specific step-by-step guide to growing kai:

Rory Harding & George St Orchard: Keen to upskill on best practice for growing kai? A Dunedin North local expert, Rory Harding, often hosts workshops on growing vegetables and on fruit tree shaping. Be inspired by a tour of his hugely productive garden at George St Orchard.  

Local food foraging and edible weed expert: North East Valley resident, Anna Read, holds regular workshops. Follow her Holishealth Facebook page to be kept up to date.  




Fruit and Vege Boxes

All Saints Fruit & Vege: Get your fresh produce at cost with All Saints Fruit & Vege. Options of one-off orders and recurring subscriptions for different sized boxes. Order by Monday for collection on Thursday from either location:

  • St Martin’s Anglican Church, 194 North Rd, North East Valley, 4.30 – 5.30 pm Thursday.
  • All Saints’ Anglican Church, 786 Cumberland St, North Dunedin, 8.45 – 10 am and again from 4-6 pm every Thursday. You can purchase additional produce from here. Eftpos. available.

Kaishare: We work with Kiwiharvest to offer a local food rescue redistribution scheme that offers food boxes for whanau in need. Find out more about the Kai Share initiative here.


Pātaka Kai Open Food Pantries

  • North East Valley Kai Pantry: 262 North Road, North East Valley, Dunedin 9010. This is a Free Kai pantry that is available 24/7.  Supporting growers, harvesters, preservers to contribute to this.
  • Pine Hill Pātaka Kai: Watch this space for news on a new pantry in Pine Hill.  Please get in touch if you would like to be a kaitiaki of this pantry.


Low-Cost Food and Transport Maps

Check out WellSouth food and transport maps to find the nearest affordable (free or lower cost) food and transport options in your region.




Food Waste

Waste Minimisation Tips: Local Resident, Rebecca Harris, has created some videos on reducing food waste and offers cost effective tips for the kitchen.  Watch them here on our blog or on YouTube.

Waste Minimisation Recipes, News, and In-Depth Info: Love Food Hate Waste is an excellent resource for reducing food waste in households.

Composting in the Valley: ShareWaste connects people who wish to recycle their food scraps and other organics with their neighbours who are already composting or worm-farming, or whom keep farm animals. 

You can also learn how to compost by joining one of the community working bees: 

North East Valley Community Garden:

Dalmore Community Garden:


Good Food Dunedin

We love the DCC- Good Food page. It has lots of information on growing your own kai, and buying local and seasonal kai, directly from growers.  


Cooking on a Budget

Rowan Lewis, our Valley Kai intern, created a few resources on budget cooking and preserving:


Many Hands Catering

Hinewai of local catering company Many Hands, has contributed delicious vegan soup recipes to the Valley Voice Newsletter during winter 2022.  Check them out: