Preserving - Waste Reducing Tips from Rebecca

Preserving - Waste Reducing Tips from Rebecca

6th April 2022
By Rebecca Harris

Preserving - reducing waste

Rebecca is back with another video on reducing waste - this time she'll be talking about how to tie this into another thing we've been talking about a lot - preserving!

It's harvest season so here are some reduced waste ideas for preserves. People think of preserves as jams and chutneys but you can preserve things by drying, freezing and lots of other ways. For example, hanging herbs to dry and then turning them into tea.

A great way to find the raw ingredients for preserving without spending money is to join your local community garden or swap fruit and veges with neighbours - leave a note in their letterbox or knock on their door, offer to pick the fruit yourself and bring them back some of the preserves you make. You can also find lots of fruit trees growing on public property. Using these fruits (with permission from the relevant people) means you can make preserving even more affordable and prevent food from going to waste.

You don't need to buy expensive new jars to store your preserves - just wash out and save jars that you use around the home or op shop for jars. As long as they don't have any cracks and you clean and dry them well, they'll be great for preserves.

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