Multicultural community potluck

Multicultural community potluck

15th May 2019

Homemade sushi, chickpea curry, sticky cinnamon rolls?

What is your favourite dish that you could bring to a community multicultural potluck dinner?

Get cooking and join us this Sunday!

Try lots of different foods and enjoy cultural performances and kids activities.

Multicultural community potluck
Multicultural community potluck

Try new kai and meet new people - homemade sushi, chickpea curry and sticky cinnamon rolls are just a few of the items already on the multicultural potluck menu.

This month the Dunedin Refugee Centre and the Valley Project are hosting a multicultural community potluck complete with cultural performances, kids activities and of course food!

Dunedin Refugee Centre coordinator Afife Harris says they want to bring people together and give them opportunities to make new connections.

Creating community connections with food

Valley Project intern Erin Silver says: “Over the last few months we’ve seen the importance of community connections, especially for those who are new to Dunedin.

“This is an opportunity for all of us, whether we’ve been in living the valley for one week or 50 years, to come together over something we all have in common - food.”

The event will kick off at with performances by cultural groups from around Dunedin and activities for the kids. This will be followed by a community potluck dinner.

Bring a plate

“We’re asking people to bring a plate. It could be kai from their culture, their favourite dish, or just something special to them.

“We want people to be able to share something of themselves with the community and also have the opportunity to try something totally new to them.

“We’re excited to see what everyone brings,” says Erin.

Event details

WHEN: Sunday 19 May

Performances and kids activities start at 3.30pm

Dinner from 5.30pm to suit those observing Ramadan

WHERE: Dunedin North Intermediate school hall

Drop off your kai to volunteers at DNI anytime from 3pm-5pm.

*Please note there is no fridge available, so please don’t bring items that need to be kept cold.

Multicultural community potluck
Multicultural community potluck