Bubble Vision

1st May 2020

Inspired sharing of moments of joy, from Tahu Mackenzie

Tahu MacKenzie
Tahu MacKenzie

BUBBLE VISION began for me when I saw a Facebook post from my friend Kassandra Lynne on her Photography page, a beautiful snapshot of a moment in her day and some musings on her feelings at the time the photo was taken.

Like an exhilarating and pleasurable bolt of lightning the inspiration struck! I realised I wanted to make a space for people to share photos of what they were loving from their beloved bubbles every day and Bubble Vision was born!

We started on the first day of lockdown and have had a phenomenal response with more than 300 people liking and following the page! The simple act of sharing a moment we love from our days in our bubbles has really captured the hearts and minds of our community and I am grateful for everyone’s amazing support!

Every day I look forward to finding my own Bubble Vision snapshot where my love is sparked to share. These images are so diverse - from my Bok choy plants sparkling with dew, to my kittens leaping through the air, my treasured story-filled op shop finds, or a spider’s web. The variety is endless now I have begun looking more closely at my beautiful bubble!

Once I have posted my Bubble Vision for the day and invited others to share their own, my favourite part begins! From all over Otepoti #Stunedin, New Zealand and now the world, #Bubblevisions start to pour in! Every single one fills me with joy. Each imagine posted is an utterly unique snapshot of a beautiful loved moment from a precious unfolding life.

People can choose whatever they want to share as long as it sparks love for them so the #bubblevisions are incredibubbly diverse and always uplifting! People share inspiring creative projects, adventures with their bubble buddies, children dressing up and putting on plays, delicious dinners, growing gardens, visits from native wildlife, moments of companionship and togetherness with pets and each other and beautiful moments of connection with nature from a tiny mushroom to a spectacular sunset.

These images serve to connect us with who we are and what we love from the world around us at a time when this sense of connection is particularly important. I am so grateful for every single contribution, as well as the “like” or “love” that contribution receives as they help me stay focussed on what is most important, that we can always inspire and lift one another up just by sharing what we love every day!

An added bonus to this is the perspective re-framing that is taking place psychologically. The more we practice looking for the positive in our daily lives the more we find it, and the more we share it the more we can help others find it too!

Find the bubble vision page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BUBBLEVISIONS

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