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About Us

Open VUE (Valley Urban Ecosanctuary) is working towards turning North East Valley, Dunedin, into an open unfenced urban eco-sanctuary, through ecological restoration and community-led predator management.

Previously, we have run an education programme in schools, teaching children and their families about the wildlife and the introduced predators that visit their backyards. We hope to be able to engage with households to see how comfortable people are with the idea of biodiversity enhancement, backyard predator management and initiate predator mapping using the best available detection tools. ​

Backyard Ecosanctuaries

Become a Backyard Ecosanctuary!

Backyard Ecosanctuaries is a citizen science programme to protect and enhance urban biodiversity in backyard, parks and reserves across the Lindsay Creek Catchment including North East Valley, Opoho, Pine Hill, Liberton, Dalmore, Normanby and Upper Junction. 

Take actions in your backyard and be a part of Backyard Ecosanctuaries!


Our current focus areas for 2021 are:

  • Predator management

    • Backyard monitoring and trapping 

  • Plants

    • Community planting, weeding 

    • Backyard weeding

    • Community Propagation nursery

  • Creek

    • Riparian habitat restoration​

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“Making trap boxes was a good experience for young and old and really made a difference around our place”

 I thought it was a good idea to have the hui at the end of the project as it allowed all the schools to get together and  see what everyone has been learning”


— Oscar

Meet The Dream Team

Because teamwork makes the dream work

Clare Cross

Community Engagement Coordinator

"I love working in a space that combines a multitude of different disciplines - education, conservation, community engagement and research"

Our Collaborators

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Our Supporters and Funders

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