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'Winterise' your home!

Get a FREE home assessment to help you get ready for winter and find out more about the upcoming new insulation standards for rental properties.

Free home assessments for houses in North East Valley
Dunedin City Council Eco Design advisor Lisa Burrough

Hi, my name is Lisa Burrough and I’m the Eco Design Advisor at the Dunedin City Council. It’s my job to help you get the best from your house, whether you’re living in your own home, renting or own a rental property.

The Healthy Homes in the Valley (formerly known as Cosy Homes) team have asked me to write a regular column to help you find ways to improve your home and hopefully I’ll meet a lot of you through the Eco Design Advisor service or at The Valley Project with their upcoming Heat Seeker drop-in clinics.

Creating warmer, healthier homes

Get a FREE home assessment

A new service offering free, independent advice on how to make your house warm, dry, healthy and energy efficient is now available for Dunedin residents.

Insulation, moisture and heating are typically the biggest issues for Dunedin homes. During an assessment I’ll help you to look at these as well as subsidies, heating options, condensation/mould issues, saving money and energy.

By understanding how your house works, you can make it warmer and drier.

I can help with renovations, new builds and existing homes. Generally, I’ll visit your home so we can look in the roof space, under the floor etc and get a full picture of the house.

Then we can talk about what you want from your house and what can be done. Often there are lots of free and low cost things.

To book a free assessment of your home email ecodesign@dcc.govt.nz, call 477 4000 or we can help you make an appointment if you call in to our weekly Healthy Homes in the Valley drop-in clinics. The clinics are held at the Valley Project community rooms between 10am-2pm on Tuesdays.

Prepare for winter now

We still have a few months until winter arrives, but it’s good to start preparing now.

Rental properties need to have their insulation up to the new standard by 1 July. If you’re a landlord, you should check that your houses are up to standard. Tenants, now is a good time talk to your landlords if this has not been done already.

Homeowners may want to check the condition of your insulation. If it’s needed, you could be eligible for a subsidy.

Warm-up zone in North East Valley and Pine Hill for free ceiling and floor insulation
The 'Warm-up Zones' in North East Valley and Pine Hill where home owner/occupiers qualify for up to 90% cost subsidies to install ceiling and floor insulation

Ceiling and floor insulation may be installed for free if you have a Community Services Card or about 90% of the cost is covered if you live in a Warm Up Zone. Use the Warmer Kiwi Homes tool online or contact me to check eligibility.

The scheme also covers damp proof membrane (black plastic) under the house to prevent ground moisture entering your home. This can also be done through the scheme. Even if you’re not eligible for a subsidy it’s still worth doing and will make a difference in your home.

Healthy Homes in the Valley - Heat Seekers Drop-in Clinics

Want to find out more about how to make your home warmer, drier and healthier? Call into one of our Healthy Homes in the Valley drop-in clinics. No appointment needed!

Heat Seekers: Healthy Homes in the Valley drop-in clinics at the Valley Project


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