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Adjo combines food, coffee & art

The owners of North East Valley’s newest café, Adjo, have combined their two passions to create a new space where art, coffee and food meet.

A new cafe, Adjo, opens on Bank St, North East Valley, Dunedin.
Adjo owners Caitlin Holloway and Jonas Jessen Hansen have lots of plans for their new cafe on Bank St and already feel welcomed by the valley community.

Caitlin Holloway says she has known for a while that her interest lay in hospitality; her partner Jonas Jessen Hansen is an artist who has developed an interest in curating and what happens behind the scenes of art exhibitions.

The couple are focusing first on getting the café up and running, then plan to feature new exhibiting artists every 3–4 weeks.

Adjo cafe in North East Valley will also be an exhibiting space for artists
Cafe owner Jonas Jessen Hansen is also an artist and plans for the cafe to also be an exhibiting space featuring new artists every 3-4 weeks.

The café serves Danish food and features Danish-style porridge and smørrebrød , which are open-faced sandwiches.

Lots of locals have already come along to check out the new café, says Caitlin: “We’ve got quite a few really nice regulars already.”

Once established they are keen to start running community and cultural events, such as workshops and community dinners.


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