Welcome to the North East Valley Community Directory - a website directory of businesses and community organisations in the Northern end of Dunedin city.  This directory serves as a free public resource that empowers community engagement, building connections across our corner of the earth consisting of Opoho, Normanby, Upper Junction, Liberton, Pine Hill, Dalmore, and of course, North East Valley. 

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North East Valley Community Gardens

Are you interested in gardening and want to learn more?
* Do you know nothing about gardening and want to learn?
* Are you a keen gardener and want to share your knowledge and skills?
* Would you like to join a friendly, welcoming community that is committed to growing good food and to sharing gardening and cooking tips?

Then come and visit the garden!

The garden is open to all members of the local community.

We are located on the field above the North East Valley Normal School, 248 North Road, Dunedin, NZ.

We have regular working bees.
Proudly brought to you by the Valley Project