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"I love the Valley Voice so much I save it for my Saturday morning pancakes."

Malcolm, Opoho resident

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meet our Valley Voice editor - Edith Leigh

In the office Edith is known for her endless cups of Earl Grey tea, biking to work on the days it pours with rain and taking photographs at any opportunity.


She is the person to talk to if:

  • Your local club, group or event needs some publicity.

  • You would like to advertise your business locally.

  • To update a listing in the Valley Voice community notices

Edith works part-time so the best way to get in touch is generally via email at

"As a long-time Valley resident I've seen the Valley Voice and the community group - and the community itself for that matter - go from strength to strength.

The Valley Voice is a huge part of that community connected-ness."

Lyn Howe, Valley resident and Valley Voice advertiser - Forsyth Barr business consultant

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