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Youngsters take on Valley Voice deliveries

A new generation of Valley Voice deliverers will take on deliveries in North East Valley and Normanby.
After three years delivering the Valley Voice to more than 450 homes in North East Valley, Mary Waymouth is passing her round onto youngsters Iris Gallagher and Marion McMullan (not pictured).

After three years on the beat Mary Waymouth is passing the newsletter bundle to a new generation of Valley Voice deliverers.

Mary delivered the Valley Voice to over 450 homes in North East Valley at the start of every month.

Mary says she will miss doing the deliveries as she always enjoyed it, but life has been busy for her lately. She passed on a little advice to the new crew and says she met many lovely people and animals on her long walks around the neighbourhood.

Taking on her round are Iris Gallagher (12) and Marian McMullan (7) who will be splitting the route between them. Be sure to give them a cheery wave and hello if you see them out and about!


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