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Runners ready to crush Cargill

Sunrise at Mount Cargill - Amanda Konijn

Recognised through-out the world as the toughest, highest, longest 24-hr race since Pheidippides did not exist, since Adam wasn’t a boy, and since bread was sliced. The 24-hour fundraising race sees participants running, or walking, as many times as they can to the summit of Mount Cargill and back down again. The races’ inception came about by a group of running buddies contemplating crazy challenges for themselves over beers. The annual Crush the Cargill event is all set to commence at 10am on the 12th of December. Crush the Cargill and The Valley Project are about getting people together and reconnecting with our wider environment. The event is a koha to sign up with all proceeds being donated to the Valley Project where funds will be directed toward initiatives to support mental health and well-being in our community. There is also a give a little page set up for further donations.

Participation grows every year with their last event seeing 107 humans signed up and a few pooches too. Most of the participants completed three or more laps, the equivalent of a half marathon, with Stella taking out the coveted status of Top Dog completing 4 laps; an incredible feat for a pooch. 7 people completed 12 laps or more, just a casual 100km run up a mountain no biggie aye. There is always that one over achiever though, how many laps did they do? The current record of 17 laps is held by Chris Bisley which was last year equaled by winner of the First Man accolades, Adam Keen. First woman, and first title defender, Sharon Lequeax completed a mammoth fifteen laps! This year’s competition will be stiff with the infamous Bisley’s kicking it up a notch. Current record holder Chris Bisley will be back competing and is attempting to conquer Cargill, setting out to complete 19 laps! Nicky has formulated her own challenge and aims to sell 190 juice ice blocks in the same time period, but who will be the first to succeed?

Nicky and Chris Bisley preparing to face-off at the upcoming Crush the Cargill event.

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