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Runners crush Cargill - again!

For the third year in a row Grant Guise solely organised the longest 24hr trail running challenge in the world; Crush the Cargill 24hr Challenge, to raise funds for the Valley Project. He coerced many people into making the event possible, including the entire Tripp family. I’m not sure what he bribed them with, maybe shoes. Or did he blackmail them? Last year’s champ Chris Bisley even helped out; he wasn’t racing this year possibly because he was injured (Tonya Harding styles). Despite all this skulduggery, the event was a roaring success and nearly $3000 was raised for the Valley Project as a result. It was a brilliant morning the day of the event and over 100 runners from far and wide had gathered in Bethune’s Gully, to partake in the pilgrimage up and down Mt Cargill. This year, Adam Keen ran it over and over more than anyone else, equalling Chris Bisley’s world record of 17 round trips to the trig and back. That’s a total of 9700m of elevation; more than Ed Hillary ever managed. No wonder the event is described by the world’s trail running media as the number one most savage race there is. In the women’s race Sharon Lequeux ran like a possessed tiger (possibly due to the tequila) and smashed out a new record of 15 ascents and descents. She didn’t even look tired. My money would be on her to take out the overall title next year. For reasons unknown, several people attempting running up and down Mt Cargill with a lawnmower strapped to their back. Some guy Pascal did that faster than anyone else in a world record time of 1 hour 50 minutes. Also of note, Isaac Tripp set the world record for the shortest length of time to hold a world record for carrying a lawnmower up and down Mt Cargill, 5 hours. Matt Bixley didn’t even finish one summit!—Andrew Glennie

Breakfast cooks Chris Gallagher, Sarah Gallagher, Charlotte Wilson and Ian Telfer feed the hungry runners at Bethune's Gully.


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