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Make your own pelmets

Want to get warmer in your home? Did you know that 20–30% of your home’s heat can be lost through your windows?

Come along to a free workshop on DIY pelmets and go home with a simple solution to help insulate your windows better.

We're all prepared and ready to help you make your own DIY pelmet to help prevent that heat loss through your windows.

Good curtains that fit well and pelmets will help improve heat retention and reduce energy costs. Fitted pelmets reduce heat loss above windows and can be made of any material as long as it creates an air barrier.

Pelmets only need to be against the wall and reach to or past the curtain – they do not need to be attached.

Valley Project manager Tess Trotter used to work at the Dunedin Curtain Bank, and during her time there she came up with a canny way to make pelmets out of recycled corflute signage.

The design is easy to make and fits onto a curtain rail without needing to be attached. This makes it ideal for use in rental housing or as a temporary solution during the colder months.

The first workshop will be held tomorrow (Tuesday 16 July 2019) from 10am–noon in the Valley Project community rooms. Please come with the measurements of the curtain rails you want to make pelmets for. Everything else will be provided.


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