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Tiger, crane and dragon: Kung Fu in the valley

The Dunedin group of the Kung Fu School holds classes twice a week in North East Valley and new members from ages seven through to adults are always welcome.

Kung Fu instructor Kenneth Mitchell demonstrates crane style. Kung Fu has a strong focus on self defence and teaches a wide array of skills.

Instructor Kenneth Mitchell says the classes cover fitness, discipline and self defence. Kung fu covers a large array of topics including joint manipulation, takedowns, weapon styles, animal styles and more.

Children’s classes are for ages 7–12 years and are a lot of fun, says Kenneth. The children are always very enthusiastic and enjoy learning the animal-related styles such as tiger, crane, snake and dragon.

The classes for 13 years and up are suitable for both teenagers and adults.

Mitchell says he really enjoys teaching and especially loves to see the progress of people who have never done any martial art before. He began kung fu himself almost 20 years ago when all his high school friends were starting the sport and now has his first level black belt.

Classes are held at Nga Maara hall on Wednesdays (children 5–6pm, and teens and adults 6–7.30pm) and Sundays (children 3–4pm, adults 4–5.30pm).

Find out more at www.shaolinkungfu.co.nz or contact Mitchell on Dunedin@shaolinkungfu.co.nz or 022 094 6357.


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