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Be yourself, warts and all, in new group

Do you find that all too often socialising is more about trying to fit in, say the right thing, or hustle for approval?

Imagine coming together with other women feeling safe to be yourself, warts and all, with the sole purpose of sharing in and being witness to each other’s struggles, strength and wisdom.

North East Valley resident Uschi Heyd is starting up a Women Heart-Sharing Circle to empower women to connect with others and themselves.

Women Heart-Sharing Circle

Welcome to the Women Heart-Sharing-Circle where you are invited to step out of the head and into the heart as we celebrate our common humanity and unique selves.

The sharing circles follow the tradition of indigenous ‘talking object’ circles. Whoever feels like talking holds the object and speaks while everyone else listens. It is the quality of our listening that makes heart sharing so powerful. However, you might choose not to speak and that is okay too.

When we gather as women in a circle with the intent to be present and listen to each other deeply without judgement and without offering solutions, magic happens. This is even more poignant when pregnant (hence a circle just for pregnant women- see below).

Gift yourself this time to connect - not just with others but also with your own deep inner knowing. Heart sharing circles are empowering, soul-nourishing and heart warming.

Uschi Heyd

More information

For more info contact Uschi on 027 360 0238




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