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ADJO serving up community connections

Exciting things are brewing at ADJØ. Scheduled alongside the University of Otago’s O-week, ADJØ organised their first ever ‘Activities Week’, a week filled with creative workshops, community dinners, live music, and a pop up thrift store, as a taster for what’s to come. Events at ADJØ are designed to encourage community bonding and creativity in a relaxed atmosphere, appealing to those who may normally feel uncomfortable in a conventional gallery space. They recently applied for an on-license with the DCC, which if granted, will allow them to sell alcohol on the premises. They hope to help change the mind set around drinking in Dunedin, with a focus on homemade schnapps (snaps in Danish) designed to pair with their Smørrebrød, and a small, but frequently changing wine and beer menu to compliment dinners, workshops, artist talks, and live music.

Proving to be popular is ADJØ’s shared dining event ‘The Food Between Us’, where they pull the tables together to create a community dining experience. There are always two options, one meat and one vegan, and the meal costs $10 per dish. To accompany the meal, they host local musicians performing a wide variety of genres for a unique dining experience. These events use food and music to break down the social barriers some of us face when sitting next to a stranger, and to create a space where people feel comfortable to eat and relax whether you come on your own or in a group. The next community dinner is on the 18th of March, from 5.30pm until 9pm.

Upcoming events in March include the opening of artist Liam Hoffman’s exhibition ‘Sacred Permit’, fringe festival events, and live music. — Caitlin and Jonas, ADJØ - Café and Gallery


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