Covid-19 community response

We are currently in Alert Level 1. Please refer to the official Government website for all relevant alert level guidines and up-to-date advice and information. 

Golden rules for Alert Level 1 - Government guidelines: 


Do everything you can to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission — we all have a part to play in keeping each other safe. 


  • COVID-19 is still out there. Play it safe.

  • All businesses can operate if they can do so safely. Alternative ways of working are still encouraged where possible.

  • Talk with your workers to identify risks and ways to manage them.

  • Ask everyone, workers, contractors and customers, with cold or flu-like symptoms to stay away from your premises.

  • Keep your distance - COVID-19 is contained at Alert Level 1, but it’s still worthwhile to keep a safe distance from people you do not know while out and about. This will help to minimise the spread of COVID-19 if it reappears in our community.  . 

  • Keep contact -tracing records of anyone who will have close interaction (workers, contractors or customers). Retail businesses are not required to keep contact tracing records.

  • Reduce the number of shared surfaces, and regularly disinfect them.

  • Wear face masks where required. 

  • Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands.


Valley Project services

  • Members of the community are welcomed to the reception, for the provision of services such as use of free wifi, printing and photocopying, placement of notices. 

  • Staff and volunteers servicing the hub reception should encourage contract tracing

  • Physical distancing is to be maintained, legally must keep 1 metre physical distance from people you do not know, where possible — if you cannot, you are encouraged to wear a face covering

  • Hand sanitiser will be provided, and all people are encouraged to use this, alongside effective handwashing

  • Gloves and masks will be provided for volunteers and staff working with or interacting with community members

Community rooms

  • The community rooms remain in use. Physical distancing rules apply, you legally must keep 1 metre physical distance from people you do not know, where possible — if you cannot, you are encouraged to wear a face covering.

  • A maximum of 10 people may use the Fred Hollows room at one time, and must be part of a booked group. A maximum of 5 people may use the Te Putake room. The rooms should be set up in a manner that provides for physical distancing where possible.  

  • The room booking contact must communicate safe hygiene and physical distancing measures to the users and unsure users complete contact tracing. 

  • The room booking contact must keep a record of all users, that includes their name and contact details for contact tracing purposes. A condition of room use is that this information may be shared with the project manager, and public health officials if required. 

  • Surfaces that are frequently touched, such as shared desks, countertops, kitchen areas, equipment, electronics and doorknobs, are cleaned frequently and thoroughly with disinfectant. Alongside the usual expectations for tidying after room use, this is now an additional expectation of room users. A record sheet will be placed in the room, with each group to sign off this has occurred prior to leaving the premises. All equipment will be provided. 

  • The rooms will be cleaned thoroughly 3 times per week, with all surfaces disinfected as per above, by each group and also each morning by staff. 

  • Room users after hours must pay special attention to these guidelines, and in particular ask any questions to ensure they are safe - we are here to help