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Target north Dunedin residents in our highly-read and highly-rated community newsletter.


The Valley Voice is a free community newsletter delivered to 3600 mailboxes in the north Dunedin suburbs.

Community consultation revealed more than 90% of residents in the Valley Voice area (including North East Valley, Opoho and Pine Hill) rated the Valley Voice as one of the most important community initiatives in our area. (Valley Community Survey)

Our Valley Voice Editor about advertising in the Valley Voice

Valley Voice advertising is mutually beneficial for our community and local businesses:

  • Advertising revenue helps to cover about one-third of the cost of producing the newsletter and delivering it free in our community.

  • It is a great way for businesses to show they support our community.

  • It's one way the Valley Project helps to support and grow local business, by giving them an avenue to reach a local target market at very reasonable rates.

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