Volunteers make a community and are an essential part of the Valley Project

The Valley Project is a community-led development project that builds community connections and promotes the wellbeing of local families and whanau.

What is the Valley Project?


The Valley Project is a community-led development programme run by hundreds of local people who volunteer thousands of hours each year, it is governed by an executive board of volunteers, and employs five part-time staff. We regularly have interns working with us as well.


The Valley Project is an incorporated society and registered with the Charities Commission.  We are funded through community donations, charitable grants and social enterprise.

What does the Valley Project do?


 We coordinate activities such as:

  •    Cosy Homes, a programme to help create warmer, drier, healthier homes in the valley

  • Kai Share which provides food boxes for families and people in need, in conjunction with FoodShare Dunedin

  • Annual and regular community events such as Matariki celebrations, CreekFest and community dinners

  • Publish and distribute the monthly community newsletter, the Valley Voice to over 3700 homes

  • Providing services and resources for the Valley community, such as the community rooms, cheap copying services and community education opportunities.

Read our 2017 Community Activity Plan (PDF).    


Where is the Valley Project based?

The community rooms at 262 North Rd are the hub of the Valley Project, right next to North East Valley Normal School, at the top of the school car park. Find out how to access these rooms.